Alma is one of the most popular LV bags. It comes in many versions – Monogram, Multicolore, Damier, Epi, and Vernis. I’ve compiled a reference guide on all of the colors (starting from Spring 2009), including pics & pricing info!

There are three sizes of the Alma:

Alma MM (GM) wymiary: 18x28x38 cm price: 1920 euro
Alma PM wymiary: 15x24x32 cm price: 1400 euro
Alma BB wymiary: 11x19x25 cm price: 1080 euro

Of course, these prices are for new Almas. You can find a gently used one for a little less, but don’t expect a price 5 or 10 times less than these above.

Important – there is NO Vernis in Black (yet, as there is speculation as to it being introduced soon). There’s Amarante which looks black in some lighting. 

Colors available now: 

Rose Velours
 (introduced Spring-Summer 2013)

Rose Indien (introduced Spring-Summer 2013)

Pomme D’amour 

Green Olive (introduced Spring-Summer 2013)


Blanc Corail

Rouge Fauviste

Introduced Spring-Summer 2012:

Yellow Passion, Blue Lagoon, Rouge Grenadine, Beige Poudre

Introduced  Fall-Winter 2011:
Sizes: Alma MM, Alma PM, Alma BB 

Introduced Spring-Summer 2011:
Blanc Corail, Bleu Infinite, Terre D’ombre 
Size: Alma MM

Introduced Spring-Summer 2010:
Rose Florentine (Alma MM and Alma BB), Gris Art Deco (Alma PM), Vert Impression (Alma PM)

Introduced  Fall-Winter 2009:
Vert Bronze, Bleu Nuit, Rose Pop
Size: Alma MM

Introduced Spring-Summer 2009:
Blue Galactic, Orange Sunset, Green Tonic, Violette, Pomme d Amour, Amarante. 
Size: Alma MM

Of course, there were Vernis Almas before Spring 2009. I might put up a reference guide on them soon 🙂

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